Newspaper: The Patriot
Date: April 3, 1979
Title: Humane Society has Evac Plans
Author: Unknown

Plans have been made to evacuate animals from the Harrisburg Humane Society to other animal shelters should a mass evacuation be called for, according to Mrs. Blair Claybaugh, president of the local group.

The animals would be taken to the Women’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, using ambulances from both the local and Philadelphia society.

And a large U-haul van has been reserved to take the rest of the approximately 300 animals presently housed at the shelter, should such an evacuation become necessary.

Mrs. Claybaugh urged pet owners to make every effort to take their pets with them should they leave the area. “We are already experiencing problems with hurt animals, apparently owned animals that have been abandoned when their owners left the Harrisburg area,” she said.

“No one likes to see the broken bones and bashed in faces of animals hit by cars” she said “and we therefore urge compassion for pets as well as people in this time of crisis.”

Mrs. Claybaugh said “while we cannot refuse to accept animals at our shelter, we cannot be responsible for their ultimate safety.”

Mrs. Claybaugh said the society would appreciate financial aid and volunteer help if the animals must be evacuated.