Newspaper: The Sentinel
Date: April 7, 1979
Article: Tax extension?
Author: Unknown

Residents of a six-county area around Three Mile Island will have until May 15 to file federal income tax forms.

Internal Revenue Service officials announced Friday they would grant the request of U.S. Sen. John Heinz to give residents living around the nuclear plant a 30-day extension. Heinz asked for a 30-day extension because of hardships residents might have faced in filing because of the nuclear plant accident March 28.

THE EXTENSION would affect all taxpayers in the counties of Cumberland, York, Dauphin, Lancaster, Lebanon and Perry counties.

An IRS spokesman said tax-payers in those counties do no have to have actually been evacuated to be eligible, but if they take the extension, they should write the word “evacuee” at the top margin of the front page of their income tax form when it is filed.

HE SAID PERSONS who owe taxes will have to pay six percent interest on them during the extension period. But he added that six out of eight taxpayers do not owe additional taxes anyway and would not be affected by the interest charge.

Any taxpayer can obtain an automatic 60-day extension on filing his income tax form by submitting a form 4868 to the IRS on or before the tax due date.

But persons filing form 4868 must estimate the amount of taxes they owe, if any, and send that amount with the 4868 form.

Residents around the power plant who have questions about the IRS 30-day extension may call 783-8700 or a tollfree number, 1-800-462-4000.