Newspaper: Dickinsonian
Date: April 12, 1979
Article: Shirt design contest held
Author: Sarah L. Snyder

What started out as a venture “purely for fun” quickly turned into fashion when an all-College contest to design a nuclear t-shirt took place last week.

The winning slogans were: “I’m Radiant – Carlisle April 1979;” “Hell No, We Won’t Glow;” “I Survived Three Mile Island . . . I Think;” and “Visit Harrisburg, Pennsylvania And Have 2.6 Children.”

Cavenaugh reported that the idea of making t-shirts resulted from casual conversations with people. He said that Professor Dennis Klinge and Dean of Special Programs Mary Frances Carson helped organized the gala event and after designs were selected, the silk-screening began Wednesday, April 4.

Students were charged a dollar to have a shirt screened and before expenses, over $300 were collected. Cavenuagh said that the money will be given to a suitable charity.