Newspaper: The Dickinsonian
Date: April 12, 1979
Article: praise for students
Author: Unknown

April Fools this year passed unnoticed as customary playful pranks gave way to fear that transformed Dickinson into a ghost college. While the exodus of the overwhelming majority of the student population was completed by Sunday evening, in Tome a group of students continued to test air, water and soil samples for possible contamination because of the crippled Three Mile Island nuclear power plant.

These students, working under the direction of the Physics department, with senior Lisa Pawelski as the foreperson, monitored levels of radiation in the environment since Wednesday, March 28 when the accident at Unit 2 occurred. Their readings were used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Department of Environmental Resources and the Carlisle authorities. In a time of regional emergency these Dickinsonians worked diligently to provide vital information to College and local officials so that they may intelligently assess the seriousness of the situation on a daily basis.

Certainly, because of the valuable contributions these students made to the College and the county, they must, rightfully so, feel a sense of personal satisfaction. Nevertheless, these students, too numerous to name in this space, should be formally recognized by the College and receive a commendation from the Student Senate for their outstanding performance during a time of crisis.

For now, The Dickinsonian takes pride in honoring those students who preformed a service that hopefully will never have to be repeated or equaled in the future.