Newspaper: The Patriot
Date: March 29, 1979
Title: He Favors N-Power Despite Accident
Author: Associated Press

DALLAS (AP)-Energy Secretary James Schlesinger said Wednesday that he would look into the accident at Pennsylvania’s Three Mile Island nuclear plant, and added that he felt the nuclear power industry had a good safety record.

“Over the years there have been no fatalities resulting from the use of nuclear power,” Schlesinger told reporters after he spoke to the National Association of Broadcasters convention. “Nothing is riskless, but when one weighs the risks overall, the advantages of nuclear power exceed the risks.”

Schlesinger also repeated his view that nuclear power is vital to the U.S. economy.

“Nuclear power continues to be an essential element in the nation’s energy mix. Failure to do that will mean growing dependence on foreign sources of supply and ultimately shortages that will affect the American economy,” he said.